Best tape player ever?

I have no idea what the tape mechanism is like in this, but omg it looks amazing. And that’s what counts, right?

What’s that? A UHER perhaps?

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@MartinBush it’s a person I follow on Instagram who makes totally custom audio gear, mostly tape decks, four tracks and turntables. No idea who he/she is, where they are or how they do it but I’m mesmerised…

Ah, It looked like the innards of something to me - something decent like a UHER - but I see now it’s a one-off type thing.

You and the other forumites may like this excellent yet slightly pointless offering…

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Wow! That is almost exactly the opposite of what I want, but somehow I still love it. Might have to build one with an old iPod Touch I have lying around…

I’d say it’s the last thing a cassette deck should be used for unless it’s beyond repair. And yet, as I think all would agree, it’s pretty amazing isn’t it.

I’m pretty sure I can find one of those…

I see a Sansui and a couple of Technics… what else is there? Is the one on the left a Nikko (I had to look that one up!)

Yep! The Nikko looks cool but I haven’t got around to replacing the belts and trying it out yet. The one on top we found in a French flea market. It’s a beautiful machine but I’m not sure I’ll ever get it working.

If you wanted to get someone to look at the French one, or get some guidance on how to work on it yourself, take a look at

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