How best 2 sort my CDs?

alphabetically? (kinda basic)
by release date? (kinda neeky)
by genre? (kinda not very 2021)

ideas welcome.
pls note my CD holder thingy is vertical.


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By colour?

Or maybe acrostically, so the first letters spell out “TAPES ARE BACK”. :sparkles:

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interesting thoughts. i think there might be too many CDs for such a short phrase tho. we’re looking at something more along the lines of DANIEL EK IS A BIG FRUITCAKE

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(@moderator pls dont remove that for hate speech)

Looking forward to the photo.

I had to put my LPs in alphabetical order just to find what I wanted.

My CDs are lined up in whatever order they came to hand, but I will have to A-Z them at some point too. I am not looking forward to that!