Nightshift September 2021

It still freaks me out that the online mag is in colour. For some reason the fact that it’s a PDF is still somehow charming.

Time to scour the gig guide and decide which gigs I’m going to think about going to then probably decide not to because of the whole pandemic thing.

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woa!! WE ARE NOT DEVO are back in town!! i have good memz supporting them in the bully. i played to an adoring crowd of a size such that when i broke a string on my guitar martin remarked from his sound desk that ‘i still had more strings on my guitar than audience members in the room’. those were the days.

looks like they’ve upgraded and are now playing in the o2. as a top secret DEVO fan i am incredibly tempted. they were an exceptional tribute - the proper die-hard DEVO fans in the bully seemed happy to see them, anyway. ARE WE NOT MEN??? WE ARE DEVO!!!

i’m guessing you won’t be wanting a ticket, right, ben? (ARE WE NOT BEN??? lol)

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There’s nothing that compares to the cutting wit of the sound guy.

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