Oxford Band Map

We’ve just launched the Oxford Band Map! Feel free to use this thread to talk about the map, suggest bands or improvements, argue about whether Beanie Tapes is a clique, etc. This is only the beginning. :sparkles:

beautiful. so uhhh who’s had the most bands???

is Beanie Tapes a clique (o_O) i mean, is the ox music scene cliquey? i have no idea tbh. i’d love to hear what other people think about this tho. i guess i kinda always thought that

(1) these things were supposed to be a bit cliquey
(2) as cliques go, ox music cliques - if they r cliques - are not that hard to join? right?

but maybe i would say those things because i myself am part of the clique. and so i am blinded by my mature self-awareness.

oh! i noticed a solitary dot on the map called UNTITLED (just above MSRY when i view on my phone) that i’m guessing is not a band. if nitpicking is your thing. :sunglasses:

So many names on there I haven’t thought about for ages: Xmas Lights… Kill Murray… ahh memories.

Could it have a search function? That would be useful.

I would also like to see a search function, but only so I can see if Joey Herzfeld and other Shifty Disco acts I half remember are on there…

Yes! I think a search function would be great. I just need to find time to make it happen. @silke has been busy entering all the new bands that people have submitted over the last few days (a LOT) and once we’ve caught up with that I might try to get a simple search working.