The science behind cassettes and good recordings

I know most who are on here love cassettes for the music they contain, their retro appeal and the hands-on aspect of owning something physical.

There may be some who are interested in the technical aspect - how to make a good recording and what old blank cassettes are worth looking out for.

To that end, take a look at this video and associated YouTube channel: Cassette Recording Basics - A Crash (and burn?) Course - YouTube

If you spot a batch of tapes on ebay and wonder whether they are any good, then Cassette Comeback has likely done a video about them.

Nice. We get our tapes professionally duplicated (partly because they also print on the shells), but the idea of investing in a few quality decks and doing our own dubbing is always in the back of my mind… If we did that, I’d really have to go back to tape school and figure out how to tell my bias from my azimuth.