What’s your music listening setup?

I am ashamed. I have some good speakers that used to be plugged into a stereo in the kitchen but they’re now in the office. I can play music through them from my computer but only when the audio interface is plugged in and I’m often using that elsewhere. There’s a tape deck nearby but the phono cable isn’t quite long enough so I haven’t listened to that in a while. In the kitchen we have a little Bose bluetooth speaker – I don’t know if it’s old or my ears have changed but it just sounds horrible and muddy these days. I have a turntable in my bedroom plugged into a really nice 90s amp that I found in a barn and some old 70s wooden speakers, but the right channel of the amp has gone quiet so I don’t really use that either.

Luckily I have a couple of pairs of decent headphones so I can listen to music on the Bandcamp app.

I have a couple. In the office I have some Audioengine A2s plugged into the external monitor, so that’s the working/noodling setup. They’re lovely speakers, and because I’m in a detached house I really get to crank them up.

In the front room I have a 5.1 system for films, which are connected to an AppleTV, so I’ll play stuff via Airplay, although I rarely listen to music in that room.

Oh man, I just looked these up and I think I need some for kitchen speakers. Seamless bluetooth + vinyl would be a dream.

I’ve got the previous generation wired ones, so I can’t speak to the quality of the wireless version, but I’ve heard good things, and they’re a well built piece of kit.

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My setup…

Streaming is my least favourite option, so I have:

Project Debut turntable
Yamaha cassette deck
8 track cart player (Wein)
Wharfedale DVD player (for CDs - not the quickest option)
Aiwa tuner
Arcam amp
Mordaunt Short speakers
Columbia gramophone

I’m waiting for Beanie to bring out an 8 track cart and 78rpm disc.

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