Your cassette collections

I thought it might be interesting to find out from the members on here what they have in their cassette collections, and where they find new and old releases.

I’ve got three Beanie releases so far and they are now in my collection which features stuff by Bowie, Genesis, Be Bop Deluxe, 60ft Dolls, Bros (yes, and it’s a good album!). The last two cassettes I picked up (Genesis) came from Red Rock Records in Poole where they have a good selection of low priced tapes.

There’s a photo below of some of them. This shows that Max is already close to greatness as only three tapes separate him from Michael Ball (who I’ve seen live in Oxford back when there were gigs). There is some stuff in there by another Oxford resident - see if you can work out who I mean (clue, on the top row).

I am keen to hear more Beanie stuff and find out about other good tape labels…

So, over to you!

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:warning: pathetic little tape collection alert :warning:

here’s mine!

ok, it’s not huge, and theyre pretty much all Beanie Tapes releases (nearly 20% are in fact mine, 30% if you count Continuous Play) but anyway.

not pictured because they didnt fit in the box:
Beanie Tapes’ Continuous Play compilation from 2019, my own Fantasy Living tape, ‘Strap’ by Garden Centre, and a New Order cassette I once got for my birthday.

there was one tape i loved pre Beanie Tapes: a ca-single by Smokie of ‘Who the f%*k is Alice?’ from the 70s. side A had the explicit version, side B had the clean. played it in the car all the time as a toddler in the 2000s. life was simpler then. or so i’m told.

my cassette dream (ca-dream) is to one day own a tape from the epic label Crash Symbols, based in the US, i think. they always put out cool albums. my fave is probably this one: Go Bananas | Fortyone | Crash Symbols

side note, i am ecstatic to be within 3 tapes’ distance of michael ball. can’t figure out who the other oxford resident is though…


I keep meaning to buy or build some decent tape shelves, but for now my collection is all over the place. Here are a few stashes:

And my most recent purchases (Scott Orr who runs Other Records, local noisemongers Bruno Muerte and Ratboys’ re-recording of their first EP).

You’ll find a lot of them in my Bandcamp collection if you want to listen and dig further…

Who is it?!

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Noosha Fox of the band Fox…

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I’m so glad to see the tape of Italian Madrigals I once gave you is still in there and not at all out of place next to Diet Cig

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Yesterday’s additions. All on different labels. Not sure if anyone knows of the artists at all?

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